I have fond memories of my mother taking me up to Harlem to dance in the children’s division Ballet. I remember vividly as the teacher would tell my mother that I moved wonderfully and was intuitive with rhythms. I enjoyed every moment of it, dancing on those old hardwood floors with the other black children. It was a special moment, and DTH is truly a New York City gem. So much so that it was revealed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the anonymous donor who put up the funding so that the dance institution would not be shut down forever.
As an adult, dance has remained a part of my life, if marginally. But I still like to check in every once in a while, and catch a show or a class. Which is why I hope to see the new Dance Theatre of Harlem perform, after a nine year hiatus. Under the direction of Virginia Johnson, who took over the role from founder Arthur Mitchell, the group takes a new direction, with talented members of many ethnicities. I want to see the work, “Fat But Close” a mixture of spoken word and dance.
Dance Theatre of Harlem
April 10-14
Rose Hall
Broadway at 60th St
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