If you have ever spent a late night clubbing in the Meatpacking District, there was only one place to go at 4am to help cure the effects of an indulgent drink-a-thon: Florent. Florent was the one restaurant you could go to without having to wait on a line,
or worse, fear being rejected at the door. It was an all-inclusive spot, hence the laid-back vibe. I remember spending many an early morning chowing down on Blueberry pancakes and sausage, while laughing at a drag queen dancing at back room booth. Sadly, the low-key eatery, owned by Florent Morellet, shuttered in 2008.

Florent: Queen of the Meat Market, is a David Sigal directed documentary highlighting the diner’s most famed guests through interviews, photos, sound bites, and videos. It is an homage to the nightlife of the past.