Who’s Paying this Guy?

No two words have more severely damaged the Barack Obama’s campaign than Jeremiah Wright. What’s up with this guy? Honestly, I cannot say that Wright’s statements are completely wrong and should be rejected by Obama’s campaign but I can agree that they are inflammatory and devise.

The basic tenant of Christianity is love. The bible says we are to speak the truth in love. Am I saying Jeremiah Wright should lie about his personal convictions regarding race in the United States: not at all?

In childhood when I had a fever very often I did not want to take the digesting medicine. Did I get my mouth pried open and the medicine shoved in my mouth? No! My mother or grandmother got some honey and the honey on the spoon with the medicine so I could receive the medication that was good while the bad taste was masked. You see where I’m going with this?

The optimist in me says as a man Jeremiah Wright was compelled defend his flock and personal character and he had no intention of doing this type of damage to the Obama campaign. However, my cynic would love to see who is depositing checks in his bank account.

Pastor Wright if you believe Barack Obama is a formidable presidential candidate please stop talking to the press. Your silence is golden.


Religion’s New Dawn




  1. Wow, 100% Truth.

    Erik Conn

  2. Anonymous

    JW is lusting after the flesh. He is getting sooo much media attention….and he’s been preaching for a looong time. He is in the spotlight and he is enjoying it ‘no matter what’. I am not belittling his experience as a Black man in this country. He is doing damage though.
    PB in DC

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