Who is Rinko Kikuchi?

Rinko in Vogue Italia, Febraury 2007

Rinko Kikuchi began her acting career in 1999, where she starred in her first feature Ikitai (Will To LIve) in Japan. She has since created over 15 films including her breakout role alongside Brad Pitt in the multi-cultural drama Babel in 2006, where she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting actress and won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Not only has her acting taken film critics by storm, but her unique, youthful style, and couture tastes have won the hearts of fashion followers worldwide. Rinko’s willingness to take fashion risks reminds us that fashion should be fun, and needn’t always be safe. Here, a taste of Rinko:

Rinko at the Golden Globes in Chanel

At a Babel premiere

At a Dreamgirls Premiere

A fresh-faced romantic look…

… That contrasts wildly with her punk-rock chic appeal



I Am Not My Hair


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  1. I LOVE her style.

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