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Screenshots: Complex, Twitter

On Sunday, journalist Dream Hampton let it slip, perhaps on purpose, that the Carters had donated thousands of dollars towards the movements in Ferguson and Baltimore. And while I find it commendable, I’ve wondered if they would ever issue a statement on their own, when so many have marched, protested, and vocalized, before dissent became popular and won Oscars. After all, many other singers and actors have boldly stepped out and voiced their opinion in highly publicized events, but arguably, those celebs’ shine is considerably dimmer.

When it comes to politics, high profile celebrities are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t speak out on hot button events that make national headlines. It seems, at least from my observation, that a celebrity will only come out in solidarity with a movement once the majority of the public agrees that there has been any wrongdoing. While I tend to think that said celebrities do this more out of fear for their corporate sponsors, I wonder if they truly do feel a certain way, but keep quiet because of the celebrity curse that seems to trivialize very monumental events. It’s a double-edged sword, and so we get celebrity action masked with a veil of timidity.

I welcome any and all attention and contributions to the cause that will help shed light to put an end to systematic police-state brutality. But I also feel that you have to be all in, or not in at all.