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It’s interesting which elements of Hip Hop cross the Atlantic. Recently, I was in a club, and when a T-Pain song came on, everyone knew the song, but they didn’t know the dance associated with it. So you could imagine their looks when I started rocking back and forth and snapping my fingers. I just got stares of wonderment. And it wasn’t as if the song was old, and I was getting that ‘you are so lame’ look. Because even when I tried to get silly with it, all they would do was the two-step. But once the DJ put on one of the latest African jams, it was on!

Currently, there is a new dance and music trend spear-headed by the youth from Ivory Coast called coupé decalé. Leading this force are rappers Mokabé and Molare, and choreographer Maimouna. Started in the small, underground clubs, students and stylish youth in the Ivory Coast and Paris, it has since become a collection of the hottest and most influential new African dance styles since soukouss.

Mokobé(113) & Molaré – On est Ensemble
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Mokobe Feat. Patson – C’est dans la joie
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Coupé Decalé

But unlike some of the senseless, rocking, dropping, and popping here in the States, many of these African dances are inspired by political injustice, and everyday life. For instance, the Guantanamo, recalling the prison of the same name, is a dance where the person moves with their hands in the air, in a crossed fashion, as if in handcuffs.

guantanamo veens de beingué
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Guantanamo. SMH at the eyebrow-licking action

Another dance, d’enjailler, is a take on the the English word, enjoy. This dance was derived as a way to take the mind off of the war in the Ivory Coast. The youth would get lost in revelry of the box-the club-throughout the night until the early hours of the morning.

But the Africans aren’t without their silly dances. Check out the Poulet-the chicken dance- in all it’s nonsensical fun.

Danse du poulet
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Barbara Kanam & Edgar Yonkeu – l’argent appelle l’argent
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  1. maeva

    Hey luv ur blog..but you’re wrong coupé decalé isnt new at all we’ve been dancin this is france since 2000 now people are even tired of this..and everybody knows how to snap and stuff..i wonder in which club did u go to LOL

  2. tony

    coupe kicked off in France in 2002/2003 within the Ivorian clubs in Paris.

    Check out this informative trailer on coupe decale.

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