I remember desperately gazing at my clock sitting in the back of Professor Thomasina Hutchins’ literature class just waiting for the class to end. When from the discuss occurring within my hearing but out of my thought I heard “Kandice what say you?” Panic stricken had thought: I missed something crucial; she knew I was not listening but furthermore, I knew I needed to have something, anything substantial to add to the conversation.

Regardless of whether you plan to vote for John McCain or Barack Obama the sentiment from the crowd at the McCain/Palin rallies is shocking.

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In retrospect Professor Huthins knew from the onset of our exchange, that my attention drifted during the class, but as any good leader would she did not wait until after I missed the point of impact to correct that behavior.

Only after a barrage of bad behavior from McCain/Palin supporters at rallies and the backlash the campaign received from the media has McCain’s condemned those supporters’s inappropriate behavior.

Even Ron Christie republican strategist when interviewed about the behavior of McCain/Palin supporters at rallies suggested people who exhibited in inappropriate behavior at rallies should be removed.