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IG: yagazieemezi

IG: yagazieemezi

I’m not ashamed to say that I love the finer things in life. My website is an obvious testament to that. An indulgence here and there is my way of giving myself a pat on the back for toughing it out through life’s rough spots, of rewarding myself for a job well done. But here’s the thing.

I won’t be shopping on Black Friday.

See, Black Friday has never been a big deal for me. All that hype for sales on things that I never really needed for the sole reason of the sale? I’m not that kind of shopper. A friend of mine, who is so anti-Black Friday actually shocked me a few years ago when he went all out on an electronics spree and cajoled me along. I even ended up buying a large flat-screen TV that I honestly rarely use, because regular TV watching is just not my thing.

So here’s what I’ll be doing on Black Friday.

Yes, I run. I’ve been running on and off all year, and even managed to rack up a few medals. But right now I’m in training mode for a half marathon and a full, so I’m super focused right now. And with all the weight I’ve lost this year, I’m not trying to fall off right now. So its me, Jeff Galloway, and the road.

Doing Boring Administrative Shit
The DMV is empty the day after Thanksgiving. And so are most government buildings, but since the day after Thanksgiving is not a holiday, they have to be open. Seize the day to run all those dreaded administrative errands that you hate. It will be less painful today.

Getting Rid of Stuff
Instead of buying more stuff, get rid of the massive load of crap you’ve been accumulating all year round, and make a bee line for your local donation center. Nobody will be there, because they’ll all be shopping for Black Friday Deals. So you can be in and out in no time.

Trashing My Inbox
I use this time to get my email inbox down to zero, or as close to it as possible. I’ve been using a system by David Allen for organizing emails into manageable folders and lists, instead of starring and forgetting.

Picking Up The Phone
-Or the Skype. Or the WhatsApp for my international friends. -and connecting with all the people in my life that I’ve always said “I’ll catch up with you soon”. Because tomorrow is not promised, as I’ve learned a few times this year.

Of course if you MUST shop this year, I urge you to support Black businesses. Black Girl Long Hair has a fabulous list of Black businesses to shop this season. Let’s build wealth in our communities! Here’s the list.

Here are some of my personal favorites:
AlterEgo Pole Fitness
Black Girls Run
Dapper Black Box
(for the conscious men in your life)

Kamali Academy Educational Curriculum
The Mane Choice
OrangeMoon Holistic Health
Organic Soul Chef

And of course, me! I’m offering my Brand Kickstart Design Package until 11/30, so start your own brand with my design expertise. Details here.