What Happened to Lauryn

Somebody please tell me what happened to Lauryn Hill… Her voice, her makeup, her style, her train of thought… is totally shot. What is she saying?

Quote: “I had to lose myself in love”.

Lost is right…



I Heart Little Marc


Searching For Ms. (Lauryn) Hill…


  1. *sigh*

    I was meaning to speak on this sooner or later, Tatiana. You just don’t know how much it hurts for me to see Lauryn like this.

    (I’m thinking that I just might still add to this entry with my own ode)


  2. I think her train of thought is fine. She’s still conscious of the more profound realities in society and current day hiphop, etc.
    I agree that her style is in transition though.
    She has a way to go through her healing process.
    She’ll pull it together.

    The makeup may have been that heavy in this interview because of the stage show. She probably didn’t change or have her makeup reapplied before she sat down to kick it with this reporter.

    Her stylist could have done a better job, but the heavy makeup is normal for a performer.

  3. PZ, I saw the pics from the performance, and I understand that heavy makeup is part of performance, but the amount on Lauryn is absurd. Even Beyonce’s stage makeup isn’t that crazy. And I feel like her dialogue is going in circles. It’s like, she’s trying to sound profound, but she’s not saying all that much.

  4. Anonymous

    Sure lauren may have a different dimeanor and/or be transitioning…but what does one expect?!?!? she’s an artist and a HUMAN. I think she speaks extremely well, coherent and precise. Unlike most “artists” she is true to her art and to her self. Not everyone has the courage or strength to be real. I also think people have such high expectations of others, expecting them not to fall and go through rough times and when they do, their like, “what the fuck is up with her??” Everyone has there days, especially artists who truely give there heart and soul, unlike most “artists” out these days who are talentless and just chasing dollars! Keep the faith Lauren and keep listening to your heart! peace and love.

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