The Sex and the City sequel is happening NOW!

If you dream of walking alongside the fabulous four, now is your chance. There will be casting calls next Tuesday-for extras AND speaking roles. The number 1 tip? Look FABULOUS. Deets below:

The call is for “models, celebrity types, socialites, clubgoers, gays and lesbians, international types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, ­European, British) and professional soccer players.” Since extras don’t speak, it’s all about the look and making an instant impression.

“You have to dress for success,” says well-known casting director Bernard Telsey, whose company is casting the speaking roles in the “Sex and the City” sequel (but not Tuesday’s open-call audition). “If I were going for the socialite part, I’d come dressed to the nines. I’d see what people wore to the Met gala event.”

Short of not eating from now until Tuesday, chain-smoking and sipping Champagne while you wait in line to pass yourself off as a model, Telsey advises: “Dress like anyone you see in Vogue.”

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