I loved the Venetian, even if the indoor theme of being outside was a little cheesy. It seemed like everyone was there taking wedding photos!

So the first store that I happened to stop by was Marshall•Rousso.
At first, I thought it was unique, but this store was in every mall I went into! I was immediately blinded by the tacky sequins and cheap knock-offs, but there was this Elie Saab-type cami that caught my eye. Besides that, I was done.

Next was Privelege,
which, if you were to look at the store windows, would immediately turn you off. But there were some surprisingly chic denimwear inside, and some select shoes. It reminded me of a large Guess store.

I just had to stop by Jimmy Choo, even though I’d been to the city store before. They had those flats I was dreaming about on sale for $149!

My most favorite stop was the Amoré boutique. I am a lingerie FANATIC and this reminded me of my second favorite store in New York, La Petite Coquette. (My #1 favorite lingerie store in the world is Agent Provocateur!)

Shortly after was the Atrium-like Lior, which had a lot of Just Cavalli outfits and other moderate-priced designer sportswear for men and women.

As I left the Venetian, I got a pic of the TAO nightclub where I had gotten guestlist access for the night to come…
And that’s it! Of course, there were plenty of other boutiques, but these were the ones I thought worthwhile of mentioning.