Vegas: My Fashion Assessment

I’ve come to the conclusion that Vegas people have no style whatsoever. I’m sorry if I offend people who actually live in Vegas. You have my full permission to prove to me otherwise. Maybe it’s the tourists who were looking a hot mess. But I highly doubt that the following trio was from out of town. They seemed waaay too local to be tourists (No bags, no maps, nothing–just hanging out, literally).
That wasn’t the worst of it, but I didn’t want to waste my battery on bad taste.

People, I don’t care how hot it is, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE to be un-stylish. Yes, it was 100 degrees. But 100 degrees does not give you permission to forget how to be creative, wear clothing that does not fit, tacky spandex, or goddawful sequined crap in awful colors. There is a way to do it in style. Case-in-point-
Me, at the Wynn Hotel in Zara wrap Dress with vintage pin, Louis Vuitton handbag and $5 flip-flops from Rainbow (yes, that Rainbow).

The one place where I managed to see plenty of people with very tasteful style was at the Bellagio. Also, it seems that as I went down the strip, and the hotels got less seadier, the fashion tastes got much better. But still!

One of the major points of the trip was getting a feel for the shopping experience in Vegas. I had read so much about how Vegas was no longer just a gambling destination, but now a place for shop-a-holics. So I picked up my Lucky guide to Vegas and tried to hit every shopping destination I could within my minimal time slots. First off, The Wynn:

Ahh, my favorite men–Louis, Jean-Paul, Christian… all in one convenient spot. It’s funny, but I didn’t even bother to stop in any of these stores because I was actually on the prowl for special stores that I wouldn’t be able to find in New York City.
La Flirt: This store is like a mini (mini) Sephora

Outfit: Are they on Christian Louboutin’s payroll??! The whole middle of the store was flanked by his fab shoes!

Skip the casual-wear and go straight to the swimwear section for colorful sundresses by Milly, and fun brazilian bikinis. And the decor doesn’t hurt either. It’s so colorful!


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  1. Anonymous

    u look like a hot mess!! LOL!! maybe u should move to Vegas.

  2. Anonymous

    im glad that yougotso much to say about her but let me ask YOU SOMETHING what magazine are you coming out with??????? its funny how you trying to crack jokes on somebody thats doing well with their life unlike you you probably dont have 1! so with that said leave your damn comments to yourself!!!!!

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