Like the faint beat of an African drum that grows louder and louder without yet knowing the exact source of the sound, I could smell my products from Shea Yeleen International before I could get my hands on them. And as soon as I discovered the source of the sweet scents, happy I was and indulge I did!

Shea Yeleen International Inc. brings to light the issues and concerns of rural West African producers of shea butter. The company also partners with women of West Africa to promote economic development, organize and train women owned co-ops so they may market and sell high quality shea butter.

The Handmade Shea Butter Soap ($7) in lemongrass is what I loved the best. It was non-drying, contains palm, olive, and coconut oils, and left a pleasant, light scent.

The Scented Body Butter in Honeysuckle & Lavender ($25) was creamy, moisturizing, and long lasting with no need for frequent reapplication. I even found that it provided a healthy luster.

The tingling power packed into the the ultra smooth Peppermint Lip Balm ($4.50) was felt immediately! I’m now not just wearing under my lipstick in the day, but now incorporating into my night routine before bedtime.

Learn more about Shea Yeleen International and support its mission by purchasing your own products to play in at

You can also learn more about the Shea butter producers that Shea Yeleen works with by watching a documentary Here.

Arlice Nichole