Treat Yourself Tuesday

Fall brings to mind nights by the fire, my warm knit ponchos with a great pair of jeans, high-heeled boots, a bangin bag, and a new sweet smelling treat of the season that I have yet to discover. Here are a couple that I did happen upon, tried, and loved.

Now, anyone who knows me well knows I cannot live without quality, flavorful coffee. That’s why I could not go home without my own set of The Coffee House by Philosophy, ($30, This set is made up of three luxurious goodies: a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath. With the scents of cafe au lait, caramel mocha latte, and eggnog latte, you’ll get your morning must-have jolt of java without the daily cup of joe!

Arlice Nichole


Feelin Fall!


Independent, Middle Class, Childless Women Will Decide the Vote

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  1. I love philosophy so much.

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