Trash is the New N Word

“You know what we’ve got? We’ve got Trash in the White House…”

-Tammy Bruce on Michelle Obama.

Who IS this woman?
Michelle Obama recently had an open discussion with some school children about her struggles as an overachiever in school. She described being taunted because she “sounded white”. Tammy Bruce, a White, independent radio host, decided to take aim at this speech because she thinks it is ridiculous. I remember being chastised by my fellow Black classmates because of my honor roll status from elementary to high school. I eventually gave up on trying to fit in, and focused in getting into the college of my dreams. Of course, if you’ve never actually experienced this growing up, it would be easy to make foolish assumptions as Miss Bruce has.

Listen to the foolishness here:


Living On The Wedge


Treat Ya Feet

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  1. I am very upset! I can’t believe what I am listening to. The ignorance of this women astounds me. I too grew up in the urban city with west-Indian parents and I speak very proper. I was mad fun and told I speak like a “white girl”. It hurt I was upset and you can only understand if you were in that situation. This woman couldn’t even try to put herself in our shoes. I pray this woman doesn’t have children and spread her ignorance to the younger generation. Thank you for posting this. It has re-opened my eyes to the fact that there are still an overwhelming amount of people out there who have a narrow way of thinking. This has pushed me to better myself and educate the ignorant if they are strong enough to listen.

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