Nowadays, free times for me are few and far between. Blame it on exhaustion, lack of time, or commitment to BabyDiva, but I forgot how to go out and enjoy myself, guilt-free. This fashion season, I decided to head out to Lincoln Centre to catch a show or two, juts to be in the buzz of it all. After the Custo Barcelona show, I headed to Soho to indulge in complimentary tapas at Antojería La Popular on Spring Street.
I immediately felt at ease with the laid back decor, filled with various tchokes lining the bar. The meal got off to a great start with wonderfully aromatic sangria, thankfully not overloaded with fruit.

The first dish, Morelos, was a twist of the classic cream of corn dish. The sweet kernels were bathed in a creamy sauce and topped with a fresh piece of cheese with a punch provided by a layer of chili powder.

The Guerrero was like eating a Mexican take on Japanese chirashi, with the taste of fresh raw tuna coming together with a delicious mayonaise sauce.

The Distitrito Federal had a lemony, spicy tang, and the meat- a mix of steak, tilapia, and shrimp- was bathed just right so that it was tender and juicy. A winner.

 Next was the Sonora, and by this point, I was unexpectedly beginning to get full. I just hadn’t considered that tapas could be so filling! I ordered the Sonora without bacon, and this dish, in my opinion, could be eaten alone as a meal, if you had to choose. The meat, again, well season, was wrapped in a soft pita bread, coupled with avocado and mayo tomake a succulent treat. I only ate half of this one so that I could make it through the next two plates!

 The Zacatecas is a meat-lovers dream. Hearty sirloin is heaped upon a toasted flatbread, with a dollop of salsa verde. The penultimate dish, Michoan was an equally filling dish of well-seasoned chicken, creamy topping, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, all on a tostada.

Finally, the meal ended with a sweet, caramelly, a buttery flan. A happy ending to a beautiful meal.

Antojería La Popular
50 Spring Street, New York, NY (at Mulberry)
Mon- Sun 12-11pm

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