Yesterday afternoon, I’d come across someone wearing an powder blue t-shirt that read “80s baby” with an outline of every logo that shaped the sensibilities of hip hop heads back in what I now refer to as a more innocent time. From Sega to Adidas, that tee represented everything I’d loved so much about my childhood that I had to ask him where he’d gotten the shirt. Though he’d told that he’d gotten it at Vinnie’s Styles in Brooklyn, he also suggested that I hit up the designer’s website:

Since being founded last year by designers Michael Nicholas, Jean Delcin, and Ryan Jackson, Brooklyn Sky has managed to take its appreciation of urban innocence and market it to the masses. With irreverent references to hip hop culture (the popular ‘Paper Chaser’ tee, modeled in their e-catalogue) and a pared-down ideology to urban fashion, Brooklyn Sky just might signal a turning point in fashion.

Interested in checking out their collection? Check out their catalogue: