To be fabulously four-eyed…

In a time where Lasik surgery and Acuvue contacts have become very accessible to us, a great pair of glasses is pretty much seen as a red-headed stepchild- in other words, a last resort. Tina Fey and Lisa Loeb nonwithstanding, specs are severely overlooked and underestimated as a fabulous fashion staple and I, as a proud peeper wearer, am more than ready to let them shine. I’d taken it upon myself to search for some chic frames over the weekend and found some great choices for the bespectacled and the aspiring spec-rockers out there. Enjoy, folks:

Vintage Oval Cateye glasses, $65,

Vintage polygonal tortoise-shell glasses, $65,

Versace 1030B glasses, $161.91,

Jessie Cateye Tortoise-Shell glasses, $250,

Prada oval-shaped caramel fade glasses, $152,



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  1. Anonymous

    I am actually looking for some cute frames for glasses so thanks for the post! I am adding your site to my blog!

  2. I’m loving the Prada oval shaped, I’ve been wearing the same glasses for 3 years… not good. They’re still stylish, but they need to be updated.

    Hey! I’m following jnette! I’m adding you too!

  3. Thanx for the adds guys! And be sure to tell your friends about the site. There’s so mucg good news to spread, and I would hate for it to all go to waste!

  4. Thanks so much, guys. Glad to see that I’m not the only stylish spec-sporter out there.


    P.S.: Do check out our official website (link: as well.

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