I go on and on about Lush products so much, that people think I’m a brand ambassador or something. I’m really not. I just love so many of their products. There’s just something about walking into the store and seeing rows of freshly-whipped face masks and mounds of soaps and body butters waiting to be carved into a bath time treeat. I admit, I am a beauty junkie and Lush is my drug. Here are three of my favorites:

Figs and Leaves, $7

Figs and Leaves – is what my good friend Tierney would call “Nuts and Berries”. A gentle, exfoliating scrub with bits of grape leaves and fig seeds that leaves no residue, and is great for sensitive skin.

Ultrabalm, $14
Ultrabalm – I was turned off by the everything-balm because of the smell, a waxy scent that has no hint of roses, but tons of rose wax. Its a great balm to carry around in your jacket pocket when you sense a little dryness and can’t dig into your bag for your moisturizer. Also great to leave in the car for your guy who may be allergic to lotion.
Ayesha Mask, $7
Ayesha – I love this tightening mask  because it gives my skin a boost when its looking a bit grey, without over drying.
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