This is Just Unfair!

On last check everyone is responsible for themselves. Even the Lord doesn’t force people to do anything. How can we hold Barak Obama responsible for the comments of his pastor? This is beyond unfair.

The ridiculousness continues….As much as I love my pastor Bishop Wayne Powell I have never been held accountable for his words. For Obama’s campaign to be negatively affected by someone’s actions is incomprehensible.

Just a thought what is John McCain or Hillary Clinton’s pastor preaching about on Sunday? Silly me I forgot they only go to church to collect votes!


Ciao from Florence!



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  1. Anonymous

    Obama will survive these attacks in spite of what the Clintons or McCain does. He, more than any of them represents real change for this nation. Consider Hillary’s position, she is drowning and desperate to find anything that can get her head above water. She cannot find anything on Obama and she is reaching for straws. What kind of a case is ” I have experience, He has a speech!” How pathetic for a very well read and educated woman. Obama transcends race and challenges us to reach to another level. Hillary expected to coast to victory and never saw him coming, that his her real pain. I am confident that he is the next president, especially as he demonstrated that leadership quality by the incredibly profound speech he gave on race. It was a Home Run.

    I for one, look forward to his Presidency.

    Lennox Grant

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