Hillary Clinton announced she was running for president, and I think I heard America sigh a collective “eh.” It’s not that she’s awful, or that she’s not capable of doing the job. I just feel that after seeing her in the vicinity of the White House for over 20 years, I still have no idea who the hell she is. 
I would be remiss to not compare the stark differences of the personalities of Mrs. Clinton and President Obama. Through speeches, appearances, and even her own book – her personality comes across as less than flat. She seems blank. But maybe a blank slate is what we need. Maybe America is tired of the celebrification of politics. Maybe we need someone who is more stern and less Snapchat.  But until then Hillary needs some kind of jolt if she wants to get the people rallying behind her, otherwise, instead of shouts, we’ll get pensive cheers:
Hillary? 2016?