“Some people are just quiet—they don’t need to be talking all the time and aren’t extroverted, but they’re not necessarily afraid to talk…”

The New York Magazine article focusing on Ms. McCray really resonated with me, as I consider myself to be one of the quiet, yet strong, intellectual and experienced voices in this Twitter and Instagram era. There is something to be said about the one who is the least flashy, who makes the most impact. At times I have questioned my own career moves, as I look across the pond at other, more successful bloggers who aren’t afraid to get in front of the camera and make themselves the celebrity. That was never my thing; I was always about reporting on what I saw and doing my job very well. This mantra seems the same for Ms. McCray.  

Chirlane has quietly made herself an unlikely star and the voice of the quiet one, and I admire that. As a hallmark of her missions, she even pushes back against the popular corporate climbing theme of the Lean In movement, and instead promotes the foundation of what she believes lies at the heart of feminism: women helping women with the most basic of needs.  It’s not the hyperbolic stance of a Sandbergian manifesto. But rest assured, her voice is loud and clear.
Read the article in New York Magazine.