For Gabby Union, a flawless face starts with a good primer

For Black women, the search for the perfect foundation is the ultimate task that usually leads to creating custom blends in that all too important quest for a smooth, flawless complexion. While most of us never forget to put on concealer, the majority of women rarely use primer.

Like raw painter’s canvas, your face needs to be prepped before adding your painterly strokes. Primer helps all the colors lay smooth, and covers any imperfections, hollow areas, and crevices that a raw canvas would have. If primer works so well for an artist, why wouldn’t you want to do the same for your face? The first time I used primer, the results were so photo-perfect, that I have never looked back. Now, whenever I want to have my photographic moment, I’m sure to start with moisturizer, and my primer. Her are a few to choose from:

♥My personal pick♥