The Horror at Orleans Parish Prison

I was watching the BBC’s documentary on the handling of prisoners at the Orleans Parish Prison and was horrified that Sheriff Marlin Gusman outrageously ordered that prisoners remain in the prisons even as the diseased water rose to unbearable heights. Both uncharged prisoners and hardcore felons were left to die in cells sealed because of mechanical malfunction by the water, and left with a bare minimum of food and water from the toilet bowls to use for water. Outside, cops fired at prisoners as they tried to escape the rising waters in the locked prison. Four days later, the sherrif admitted his error, and finally agreed to evacuate the prison. Please watch this documentary on the BBC. It is a mind-blowing account of the politics surrounding Katrina.

I don’t have any video clips from this documentary, but I do have this clip from another documentary called “I Won’t Drown on that Levee and You Ain’t Gonna’ Break my Back”

UPDATE: I found the link to the BBC documentary “This World: The Prisoners of Katrina”. It’s about an hour long…



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  1. Even though I know this might upset me, when I get a minute, I am certainly going to watch this…

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