I just got an invite to the She by Sheree Fashion show for New York Fashion Week. Yes, Sheree from the Atlanta Housewives is showing her new collection in the Tents! This should be a sight and a spectacle to see. I wonder if Kim will show up?

In other Housewives news, Lisa Wu Hartwell, who Sheree claims “is a little copycat” in this week’s upcoming episode, premiered her fashion line “Closet Freak” recently. The proceeds from the clothes will go to Hartwells’ Big Hart foundation that assists women and children who are the victims of domestic violence. Here are a few flicks from the show:

Lisa Wu Hartwell presents: Closet Freak

Dwight showed out in a way only he can.

Nene came out with her husband

Sheree showed her support…by wearing a She by Sheree hoodie!