I have a bone to pick with Carol’s Daughter, and its a bone that has likely already been picked to the marrow. A few months ago DJ Solange Knowles, and models Cassie and Selita Ebanks were picked as the new spokes-models for the beauty company’s diversity initiative. They are seen here at the latest promotion for the Monoi Repairing Collection launch at Sephora in New York City.

Countless women howled at the lack of diversity among the women, and I was among them;
it is clear that all of three women are more or less the same color. Could they not have found a darker skinned beauty? I tweeted about a new documentary called Dark Girls, that I think every conscious woman should see. Its clear that the color madness has affected even the marketing of a previously all-natural, all-embracing beauty company for woman of color. I used to cherish visiting the original Carol’s daughter store on Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, with it’s old school mason jars, and brown paper bags. Finally, there was a store with products made for me, with sisters who looked like me. It’s a shame how much they’ve changed.

Is there only one color for women of color?