I didn’t wanted to jump on the “I hate Don Imus” bandwagon before carefully considering all the sides of this story. I, like most other people, was appalled when I first heard him refer to the Rutger’s University Women’s Basketball Team as a bunch of “nappy headed hoes”.

The video that everyone’s seen.

And I am happy that this has drawn so much concern amongst the people, and that it is generating a healthy civic response. What I am afraid of is the public’s outcry for his removal from the airwaves. Why I absolutely do not condone his choice of words, banishing this man because the general public does not like his form of expression is a dangerous precedent for us all. What would happen to all the Black comics who say racially offensive about White people? Or what about if a journalist offends a political group with some off-color statements. Pretty soon, everyone will be making a case for something offensive someone else said, and they will be able to use the Imus case as an example. I recall in 1999 when Rudy Guiliani tried to shut down the Brooklyn Museum because he found a few pieces of artwork offensive to his religion. “America’s Mayor” and his right-wingers never got their way, but what does it say about the people when a particular group allows their emotions to stifle freedom of speech?