The brilliance of Brit pop music

Ever so often, I come across some catchy musical effervescence from our friends across the pond. And while I’ve loved my share of great American pop, the British tend to supercede my expectations of what pop music is supposed to be everytime. The latest case in point is from British pop-n-B singer, Jamelia, whose new single, Beware of the Dog, has been bumping in my ear over the past couple of days.

Check out the video:

Hearing this great reworking of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus (an Brit pop classic in its own right) reminded me of the great British pop music I’ve loved over the years. From the smooth music of George Michael, Brand New Heavies, and Lisa Stansfield that I’d loved as a child (and still listen to) to the funky contemporary pop of Basement Jaxx, Jamiroquai, and Portishead, the British have imported some of the best music to ever bridge cultural gaps.

So, in homor of the brilliance of Brit pop, here’s a taste of its best:

Basement Jaxx, Good Luck:

George Michael, Kissing a Fool:

Jamiroquai, Canned Heat:

Brand New Heavies, Never Stop:

Portishead, Glory Box

Lisa Stansfield, All Around The World:



John Legend: Once Again


The Hotness: Royal Bearings

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  1. brand new heavies “never stop” is my jam. jamiroquai is great, also

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