Holding up my newest treasure – a

Samantha Thavasa patent leather quilted tote and wallet combo – courtesy of winning the bag raffle.

Hello, everyone! In attending last Thursday’s Samantha Thavasa boutique gathering on Madison Avenue, Tatiana and I got to feast our eyes on some golden goodies and bronze thrills.

From this perfect patent-leather clutch (also seen in peacock blue, above):

To this quilted treasure:
Along with this gorgeous geometric gold clutch bag:

As well as this brilliantly bronze mini men’s duffle:

And this bronze beauty:

With this speckled gold sensation:

gilded glory was the hotness in the world of Thavasa. In addition, we were treated to the cool confection of their pastel quilted bags:

We also had the pleasure of meeting the dapper Darryl Glover of (D) Glover, an up-and-coming style team that specializes in both men’s fashion and magnificent magazine spreads, and Marc Clark, a wonderful new talent with a promising new line whose bow ties are attracting some serious buzz:

Mr. Marc Clark, showcasing one of his signature golden bowties

All and all, it was a wonderful evening that brought on some serious bag envy, along with some fresh and new trendsetters to stimulate our fashion juices. Tatiana and I were also blessed to meet a diverse group of people, courtesy of Glam Media‘s knack for attracting the best and the brightest in the fashion game.