Tessa Prendergast was a Jamaican born actress and fashion designer who grew up in London and was pursued by European royalty in the 1950’s. Prendergast was born into a live of privilege and enjoyed the spoils of her beauty, where she constantly received gifts and jewels from her admirers. The beauty, born in 1928, was the talk of royal circles, and had her own scandal, when two princes fought for her heart.

An incident involving Prendergast made headlines all over the world in 1955: An Egyptian King Farouk and an Italian Prince exchanged cold glances and hot words over her attentions in Rome where the curvaceous Prendergast was working on a film. According to reports, the two scions of ancient Mediterranean Royalty clashed when King Farouk attempted to persuade Prendergast to leave the company of an Italian Prince who had been her constant companion in Italy. The Italian Prince called Farouk’s unwelcomed rivalry a personal affront and engaged in such a heated verbal clash with him that it was necessary for police to intervene.

Prendergast famously designed the bikini that Bond-girl Ursula Andress wore as she emerged from the ocean in that famous movie scene. The pic of the design is below:

Ursula Andress emerges from the sea in a Tessa Prendergast designed bikini