Summer’s the perfect time to break out of your shell with delicious colors. It just so happens that this year’s smorgasboard of fashion happens to be wrapped up in juicy tangerine and cool marmalade. So without further ado, here are some refreshing pics to whet your appetite:

Isabella Flore Twisted Sister Skylar Hobo, $595.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Maua Hani candlestick, $56.00 at Barney’s New York

Mia Bossi Maria Diaper Bag, $365 at Barney’s New York

Barney’s New York Chevron Folding Umbrella, $125 at Barney’s New York

Oliver Peoples ‘Tara’ Sunglasses, $144.00 at

Wendy Mink hoop cluster earrings, $128 at

Gucci square frame sunglasses, $138 at

Ben-Amun chunky beaded yarn necklace, $128.99 at

Silk ruched trapeze dress, $168 at Banana Republic
Takes the Lavish Summer blog to another new level, huh?