I’ve always like Talib Kweli as a rapper because his lyrics actually inspired me to do something. But he turned me off real quick when I heard him on the Wendy William’s show saying that he doesn’t vote. Now, I can understand his reasons for not voting because I am an educated Black woman who knows about the conspiracies behind the United States government. But to say something like that to a group of impressionable young people, who may not have a full understanding of what it means to vote–it’s just bad judgement in my opinion.

Nonetheless, I still think he’s a good musician, and he will be at the Apple store tonite. Not sure if he’s performing or promoting or what. Anyway, it starts at 7pm, so you might wanna get there a little early.

Talib Kweli
Apple Store
July 18, 2006
7 P.M
103 Prince St. between Broadway and Mercer(?)