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You Should: Learn to Sew, Milan Fashion Week + Graffiti Art + More!

Do This: Learn How to Sew
You’ve always told yourself that you wanted to start making your own fashions, or thought, “hey, I could do that? Well, why not go ahead and do it by registering for a FREE class on Craftsy. Enrollment is ongoing and you can watch classes whenever you want. 

Visit:The Museum of the City of New York
City as Canvas – Graffiti Art
Through August 24

Info: http://www.mcny.org/content/city-canvas



See: The Legend of Yauna

Experience the mind-bending fantasy and unique musical experience of The Legend of Yauna, created by Grammy Award-winning composer Chris Berry, reinvented by director/choreographer Maija Garcia (creative director of the Tony Award-winning Broadway production FELA!), and starring Afro-European vocalist Marie Daulne (Zap Mama) as the black panther queen. 

 In a desperate quest to save his ailing father and rejoin his wife and daughters, the fictional Yauna is faced with seemingly impossible challenges at every turn, the power of non-violence, self-sovereignty, and forgiveness.” 
 For more information, visit http://banakuma.org/ 
Batchery is hosting an artisan-run pop-up market in Brooklyn.
Come out to taste a bunch of vegan and non-vegan treats from several artesian makers. 
When: Sat, Feb. 22, 204, 12-6pm 
 Where: Bat Haus Brooklyn; 279 Starr St. Brooklyn, NY 11237 
 Milan Fashion Week: Catch up with all you missed from my Runway Rundowns to the celebrities at the shows.

You Should: Willie Cole, About Last Night + A Tasty Treat

1. Take in some art and chat with artist Willie Cole
Artists in Dialogue: A Conversation with Willie Cole 
Sunday, February 16, 2-3 pm 
Newark Museum, 49 Washington Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102  

Willie Cole, The Sole Sitter, 2013.
2. Support Black actors and see About Last Night 

3. Head over to Ovenly in Brooklyn for a slice of Brooklyn Blackout cake, or try your hand at making one yourself. Why? You’re snowed in, you have nothing else to do.

You Should: Fashion Week + TV Musts

1. Check out this documentary –  Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth. TONIGHT (Feb 7, 9PM on PBS) Chronicles the life of the famed activist and author of The Color Purple.

2. Indulge in Fashion Week – Be sure to check in here, Twitter, and Facebook, for the latest snaps and New York Fashion Week Recaps…
3. Lose your high-minded, intellectual self, and have some junk food. The Atlanta Housewives (Bravo) AND The Walking Dead (AMC) are back. Guess who’ll be playing TV tag.

I know it’s been a while

But I’ve actually never quite went away. Just haven’t blogged in a while. But I’ve been busy on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, so go ahead and take a look. My favorite of the three would be the Artness board on Pinterest. Just alot of cool visuals floating around.


You Should See: Rain Room at MoMA

The concept is simple, yet surreal: You walk into a room with an unforgiving rainfall. Only, the small space surrounding you is eerily dry as you navigate the room. That is exactly what happens in this exhibition as motion sensors detect your location and momentarily stop rain from falling on you. Seems like a very cool exhibit. 

Rain Room
Thru July 28, 2013

More details here.

You Should: NYCxDesign Festival

I’m excited to hear about New York City’s first-ever design exhibition, NYCxDesign, knowing the wealth of talent constantly heralded around the city. It’s fitting that the city would feature the best of their own considering that other design cities around the world – namely Milan, of which I attended their design week last year- give so much spotlight and accolades to their own designers. Here is your chance to see and appreciate the best of graphics, furniture and product design, landscaping and architectural innovation around the city. The event takes place in May and ends with the Frieze Art Fair on Randalls Island. Come, be inspired, and if you want, be a part of the exhibition by registering at www.nycxdesign.com

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You Should See: The Dance Theatre of Harlem

I have fond memories of my mother taking me up to Harlem to dance in the children’s division Ballet. I remember vividly as the teacher would tell my mother that I moved wonderfully and was intuitive with rhythms. I enjoyed every moment of it, dancing on those old hardwood floors with the other black children. It was a special moment, and DTH is truly a New York City gem. So much so that it was revealed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the anonymous donor who put up the funding so that the dance institution would not be shut down forever.
As an adult, dance has remained a part of my life, if marginally. But I still like to check in every once in a while, and catch a show or a class. Which is why I hope to see the new Dance Theatre of Harlem perform, after a nine year hiatus. Under the direction of Virginia Johnson, who took over the role from founder Arthur Mitchell, the group takes a new direction, with talented members of many ethnicities. I want to see the work, “Fat But Close” a mixture of spoken word and dance.
Dance Theatre of Harlem
April 10-14
Rose Hall
Broadway at 60th St
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Touch of Tapas

Nowadays, free times for me are few and far between. Blame it on exhaustion, lack of time, or commitment to BabyDiva, but I forgot how to go out and enjoy myself, guilt-free.

This fashion season, I decided to head out to Lincoln Centre to catch a show or two, juts to be in the buzz of it all. After the Custo Barcelona show, I headed to Soho to indulge in complimentary tapas at Antojería La Popular on Spring Street.
I immediately felt at ease with the laid back decor, filled with various tchokes lining the bar.

The meal got off to a great start with wonderfully aromatic sangria, thankfully not overloaded with fruit.

The first dish, Morelos, was a twist of the classic cream of corn dish. The sweet kernels were bathed in a creamy sauce and topped with a fresh piece of cheese with a punch provided by a layer of chili powder.

The Guerrero was like eating a Mexican take on Japanese chirashi, with the taste of fresh raw tuna coming together with a delicious mayonaise sauce.

The Distitrito Federal had a lemony, spicy tang, and the meat- a mix of steak, tilapia, and shrimp- was bathed just right so that it was tender and juicy. A winner.

 Next was the Sonora, and by this point, I was unexpectedly beginning to get full. I just hadn’t considered that tapas could be so filling! I ordered the Sonora without bacon, and this dish, in my opinion, could be eaten alone as a meal, if you had to choose. The meat, again, well season, was wrapped in a soft pita bread, coupled with avocado and mayo tomake a succulent treat. I only ate half of this one so that I could make it through the next two plates!

 The Zacatecas is a meat-lovers dream. Hearty sirloin is heaped upon a toasted flatbread, with a dollop of salsa verde. The penultimate dish, Michoan was an equally filling dish of well-seasoned chicken, creamy topping, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, all on a tostada.

Finally, the meal ended with a sweet, caramelly, a buttery flan. A happy ending to a beautiful meal.

Antojería La Popular
50 Spring Street, New York, NY (at Mulberry)
Mon- Sun 12-11pm

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Artness: The Art Bazaar


Something fun to do on a midsummer’s night in New York City: The Art Bazaar:

The Art Bazaar is an open call opportunity for unrepresented artists to display and sell their artwork in venues throughout New York City. Registration is on a “first come, first serve” basis with no visual vetting or politics for inclusion. Art Bazaar prices are set by the artists who are present to interact with the viewing public with the goal of building relationships with novice and seasoned collectors.

Heralded by The New York Times as a “great social experiment,” and “brilliant” by Flavorwire for its open and democratic principles, The Art Bazaar has hosted over 400 artists to date and continues to attract artists nationally and internationally to its exhibitions.

Additional dates for the Summer Art Bazaars are August 19-24 & August 26-31.

The Art Bazaar at Lyons Wier Gallery
Friday, July 23rd: 11 AM – 9 PM
Saturday, July 24th: 11 AM – 8 PM
Sunday, July 25th: 12 PM – 8 PM

175 Seventh Ave. (@ W.20th st)
New York, New York, 10011
Tel: 212 242 6220 for info

Sip of Summer

Oh, the joys of motherhood. These past couple of months had me seeped in BabyWorld with my life consisting of diapers and drool, and nary a thought of fashion, culture or adult conversation. My bundle of joy made her appearance on Mother’s Day last month and all I could think about was having a drink and eating the most raw sushi I could find. but really, I wanted to drink more. My first sip was an apple martini mixed up nice and strong by one of my aunts. I later picked up a bottle of German Riesling–a craving I had my entire pregnancy– and welcomed the first days of summer with a few sips.

Grazing across New York magazine’s Summer Issue I came across a delicious-sounding group of summer sippers perfect foryour backyard/rooftop summer shindigs. The Piper’s Punch recipe sounds especially inviting. It’s a little involved, but the results are well worth it:

Piper’s Punch
a.k.a. the Kilted Bastard
 Photo: New York Magazine

For cinnamon syrup:
2 cups granulated sugar
15 sticks cinnamon

For honey syrup:
1 cup honey
1/2 peach
9 oz. fresh lemon juice
2 oz. cinnamon syrup
4 oz. honey syrup
24 oz. Famous Grouse blended Scotch
12 oz. rooibos tea
6 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
2 1/2 oz. rhum orange liqueur
2 oz. pineapple juice
Ice, frozen in two clean, quart-size takeout containers

For garnish:
Sprig of mint
Pineapple round
2 to 4 lemon rounds
2 to 4 grapefruit rounds

Cinnamon Syrup: Combine 2 cups of water, sugar, and cinnamon sticks in saucepan and simmer until sugar dissolves. Allow to cool for at least 1 hour. Strain. Will keep for 2 weeks.

Honey Syrup: Combine honey with 1 cup hot water. Stir until combined. Cool.

Instructions: Slice peach and muddle in plastic bowl with lemon juice, cinnamon syrup, and honey syrup. Add remaining ingredients and let sit for 20 minutes. Strain into a punch bowl over big ice. Garnish with mint and rounds of pineapple, lemon, and grapefruit. Pour in punch glasses. Serves 8.

By Tom Chadwick, Dram Bar
177 South 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 486-3726

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