I’ve been spending alot of time in the water lately. This year has been one filled with a bunch of athletic pursuits, and after running my first marathon, and a few more races, my next threshold to cross is the triathlon. Just a tiny problem. I can’t swim. So I’ve been taking lessons, and even joined the local triathlon team to get a feel for what I’m in for with this 3-part race. My tri coach warmed me not spend more than $30 for a swimsuit, so I dutifully picked up a simple black version on sale at Modells. But this morning, this beauty caught me:


How sexy… And supportive…And sexy! (I said it twice!)

Now, I might not wear this for daily practice, but I wouldn’t mind taking it out for a few leisurely swims. Because I wanna be the hottest athlete in the pool.

Perf-ect Paddle Suit, $118, Lululemon