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The Roots x Ed Sheeran Cover Trap Queen


This made me smile this Friday. I usually listen to Trap Queen when I’m doing my morning run because… It just gets me going. So it’s a little funny and charming to hear this acoustic cover by Ed Sheeran of the this street jam, while he softly sings about cooking pies. Have a listen. Its actually pretty good.

You Should: 5 Things to Do This Weekend

Engage your inner entrepreneur with the Founders of Miss Jessie’s hair line, Miko and Titi Branch

Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally, $19, Barnes& Noble

Train and run a Race


God help me, but I am running my first half marathon on Sunday. I started running in December of last year, and though it’s been a tough road, there is nothing like the feeling of wrapping a medal around my neck after crossing the finish line. 

Black Thought from the Roots is hosting his own 5k in Philly on May 30 before The Roots Picnic concert, and it’s for a great cause.

Purchase a stock


For as little as $10 you can own a full or split share. Loyal 3, and its subsequent app make buying stocks as easy as pie.

It’s the merry month of May! Smile and throw on a bright shade of lipstick. I like the Rouge Volute Shine by Yves Saint Laurent.


If it’s in a local theater, see the independent movie Blackbird, a tale of a gay male living in the deep South

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