#SportspersonoftheYear #SerenaWilliams

I’m very passionate on the court, but I’ve learned to be fierce more on the inside.


Image: Sports Illustrated

I’m so happy for Serena. It’s definitely been her year, and I’m proud that a Black woman of strength and beauty can grace the cover of this Magazine with a befitting title that commands attention and respect.

There are so many rules to this beauty thing, and when it comes to Black women, the game is doubly slanted. Over the years, commenters on blogs in general have referred to Serena as part of the Williams brothers, as if muscle and athletic acclaim were something to be belittled, as opposed to lithe frames or surgically enhanced body parts. Serena proudly turned her shoulder to the haters, by winning, and winning, over and over again.

I love Serena for being boldly, unapologetically Serena.


Image: Sports Illustrated



Image: Sports Illustrated