Beyonce is out for blood in the video and song for Formation

Well, it’s about time.
You know, I’ve been listening to Beyonce since high school. As a fellow class of ’81 woman, I’ve fallen in and out of love with the music, and her, as she grew into her stardom. While I’ve watched our fellow classmen & women evolve musically (Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, etc) I have admittedly been hyper- critical at what I’ve seen as Beyonce’s refusal to grow. I mean, we all grew up. Had kids. Some of us got married. We moved on to grown people shit, and here she was doing diddy bop songs. I just expected more from this Black woman.

I’ve always had a feeling of falseness in her personal proclamations of divadom, feminism and women power, enough that I could never get on board with the Beehive, despite the clamoring of everybody and ‘em. The songs just seemed like one heap of contrived, commercial garble, and nothing resonated with me. Even a few autumns ago when everyone was jumping out of their seat over 7/11, all I could thing was, really Bey?

But this video. I’m so proud of this song and video. It pays homage to everything Black. 

To the richness of America’s Black South. 


To the beauty, the complexity of Black culture. 


To the indignation of an oppressed people.


To the broken levees, voodoo, Zydeco, civil rights marches, and crawfish.


And this.


Beyonce lets you all know lyrically and visually that she is fearlessly, ferociously, and unapologetically, Black. Forget the heavy bass and the booty shaking. It’s more than a song filled with braggadocio. She actually says something with a power that I’ve never truly felt in Diva, Run the World, or any of her other countless girl power anthem, and this time, I believe her.

Not that she cares.

Now watch the video: