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Pinterest Pinings

It’s been a minute since I’ve gathered all of my favorites from across the web. But My Pin boards needed a little freshening up, so have fun browsing my updated boards.

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Pinining for Pinterest

It took awhile for me to catch up with all of my favorite Blog and Pinterest finds. Lately I’ve been really feeling the simplicity of black and white. Always right, always elegant, always easy. Take a peek at more cool finds on my style pinboard.


Pinterest Love…

I haven’t had the time to go all in on my Pinterest boards as of late, but I’ve recently gotten the chance to scour the web for some refreshing styles for myself, the kids in my life, and my home. Click on, and be inspired…

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Happy Monday: My Latest Pinnings

Now with fashion month behind us, I can take a moment to get back to pinning my favorite looks across the web, and dissecting all of the runway shows in detail. And with Spring around the corner, I’m looking forward to refreshing my entire wardrobe. I mean, a complete gutting. Here are my latest pinings on Pinterest: 

New Pinnings!

I am catching up with all of my loves and adorations across the web to put on Pinterest. And mainly trying to pull together a look for 2014. My Style Pinboard has been updated, along with some unique finds in the home and recipe sections. Enjoy!

Roundup: My Style Pinboard on Pinterest

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