Like the thousands of Africans buried under lower Manhattan, there are others in long forgotten places. – Nona Faustine

This is certainly the year of the bold Black woman with a message to be heard. Last week, Bree Newsome re-ignited the fire of Black woman revolutionaries everywhere by removing the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s state capitol. And now I see these powerful images of Nona Faustine, a Crown Heights, Brooklyn artist, walking the haunted streets of lower Manhattan, lest we forget the what originally happened on Wall Street.


How ironic that so much of America’s slave past centers on the south when the North, specifically New York, played a very active role in the trade of human beings. Nona brings it on back with stark unabashedly frank images recalling Sara Bateman’s horrific run as a circus sideshow spectacle in the 1800s.

Nona, like Bree, is bold, Black, and has something she needs to say. View the rest of the images from her series “White Shoes” here.