I’ve been in a quiet, contemplative state as of late. It’s been hard to vocalize my thoughts when I’m surrounded by a cacophony of voices that are louder than my own. Not that I’ve had nothing to say, but I’ve always believed that I should reserve my words for things worth saying. It just seemed fitting that I would write on this April Fools day, which not ironically falls on the day of Christ’s Resurrection, and follows the full moon this year.

The Fool, the Resurrection and the full moon share a lot of concepts that have pushed my growth over the last year. In tarot, The Fool represents new beginnings, in a sort of spring-faced, naive way. I’ve come to embrace my new life, learning to trust my intuition as the universe guides me with auspicious clues on my daily journeys as a businesswoman, doula, and mother. As for the Resurrection, its a reminder of the rebirth of myself from my former life, and all the possibilities that lie before me. Today is a second chance at fixing the mistakes of yesterday, and I remind myself that I’m allowed to rearrange, retool and rework my way of doing things. And finally, the Full Moon represents a closure to things of the past. I’m no longer bound to what I thought I needed, loved and hoped for. I now look to the future with all of the amazing gifts I have to share.

Lavish is still here, and it will remain, ever-changing as I continue to change as a woman. And I’ll share my thoughts, my experiences, and my gifts as they arrive.

Speaking of which. In January, I quietly released an anthology of poems based on my childhood and womanhood living in Brooklyn.
Its a highly intimate portrayal of just a few of my experiences that I’ve always wanted to share, created with the brevity of the haiku form. Brooklyn Haiku is available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

If you order it direct from me, you’ll save on shipping!