It’s been quiet around here, I admit. I haven’t had much to say. But sometimes when you’re going through it, the best thing to say is nothing at all. And in that quiet space of self-rejuvenation, I picked up a few gems to take me back in the driven direction I’m accustomed to. You won’t find these in Bergdorfs or Saks but trust and believe me when I say they are invaluable tools that helped me get my glimmer back.

  1. I started pole dancing. I won’t post pictures of my pathetic attempt at a martini move or firefighter, but I will say that the pole reinvigorated a sensuality within me that lay dormant for quite some time as I stopped dancing years ago. It was just the jolt I needed.1_pole
  2. I signed up for a 10K. Training and running for a 10K gave me something to look forward to on the days I felt like I had no goals that were attainable. I downloaded the Jeff Galloway walk/run app and finished with a personal record AND minimal body strain
  3. I started regularly scheduling beauty treatments for myself. Not on a whim, not when I had time – but actually pulling out my little red Moleskin planner and writing in my beauty days. That little habit did wonders for me.
  4. Speaking of scheduling, I added meditation, yoga and mini morning workout to my cell phone calendar to give me that gentle nudge to be active every day, especially on days where I would rather just curl under my comfortable and read a New York magazine.
    Woman meditation at sunset
  5. I’ve been talking and expressing myself now more than ever. I’m not the type of person to wear my emotions on my shoulder; I’ve been told many times that I have the perfect poker face. But this period saw me releasing tears, frustrations, and general thoughts to my closest, trusted friends. It felt good to be open and honest, but a little scary to be vulnerable. But in giving myself permission to release, I realized that I am not a one woman island, and I have the support and love of some very special people. And that is a jewel that can’t be bought.