The mayhem at the McKinney Texas pool party.

What do you say when even video is not enough?

I watched the McKinney pool party video
with the heartbreak of a mother of a Black daughter. To see a 15 year old girl slammed to the ground by the overzealous cop, to see this cop wave his gun at a group of teenagers, to detain some of the kids without even reading them their miranda rights, makes me wonder what the boundary is for justice in America. With Tamir Rice being shot and killed, I wonder when we will get the sickening news of a Kindergartener being killed for not respecting law enforcement.

As per the course, sentimentalists of this rogue cop argued that the kids were the cause of the problem. This teacher argued that Blacks people are the cause of racial tension and ironically hash tagged her post #Imnotracist . Forget that the cop literally rolled onto the scene, action hero style, while running towards a group of unarmed kids. Forget that the other cops did not act in the same way as the bad cop, and forget that none of the White children were addressed in the same manner. Forget that it was a White child who filmed the whole thing. Forget that the host of the party sent out an invitation via Twitter. Forget that using profanity is not illegal, and freedom of speech is the first amendment of the Constitution.


Brandon Brooks, the 15 year old who shot the shocking video.

I understand that there are a substantial number of Americans that truly stand behind their beliefs in the justice system, even when such atrocities as McKinney are shown in vivid detail. The death of Eric Garner brought out sentiments that it was his own fault that he was brought into a chokehold and that he died from being fat. The determined refusal to believe that there is a glaring problem is truly shocking and saddening to me. That these kids, who were clearly shaken and visibly upset were seen as a mob of drunk, drug-using teens, despite the child who filmed this episode denying illicit drug use, these sentimentalists hold their grip so tightly to the belief that Black kids are ultimately bad.

It’s too much for this mother to bare. I have a hard enough time trying to teach my 5 year old that that there are bad people from all races. But what do I tell her when Black children, ever younger, are being assaulted by the justice system? Will she too, become suspect?