From the festival front lines: @fvp_cpt

I took a brief digital vacation while I enjoyed the sun, city life, and some less-humid days in New York City. On Sunday, after dancing my way into the sunshine in Central Park with my long time African dance community, my daughter and I headed over to Brooklyn for the AfroPunk Festival to catch Lenny Kravitz close out the weekend show.

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I have to admit, I was a little turned off by the $50 entrance fee, although I understand that with unique, artistic events like these, the inevitable corporate control of branding comes into place, where the original influences become priced-out of a once unique event. With this new tier-pricing, I expect to see a lot more of the scene-y types in coming years, with spreads in the high fashion magazines that make anything underground instantly uncool. But, back to the scene. I enjoyed browsing the vendors and taking in beautiful, stylish black people. And most of all, the music, which is the whole point of it all. Here are some truly inspirational looks from the weekend:

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Afropunk takeover|| #AFROPUNK2015 #melanin #blackgirlmagic

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