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It’s Cutting Season

Check out 5 Black-Owned Fitness Businesses in NYC To Try This Spring

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Spandex & Tumbleweeds


It’s been awful quiet around here. For the past several months I’ve been focusing on rebuilding my health, training for races, and my first marathon, in Paris (I’ll post on that over on my travel blog). Hence the over-saturation of health-related posts on my Twitter timeline! But in immersing myself in the world of health and fitness, I had forgotten about my love of fashion. No doubt working out has caused me to lose tons of pounds and inches (over 40!) but my weight loss and lifestyle has relegated me to a sea of spandex and running shoes – both out of fear and complete confusion.

A recent glance at my closet had me realizing that I had nothing to wear. All my clothes were just too big, unflattering, or just not my taste anymore. So I’ll be taking the next few weeks to gather some Instagram and Pinterest inspiration, while I find my new style. Nothing like a fresh start.

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Lavish Body: I Want To Run. What Do I Wear?

I have been lurking on the Black Girls Run page for quite some time before I decided that I would actually give running a serious try. I’ve never liked running. When I was a member of Equinox gym, some of my classmates tried to convince me to join their running club. I gave it a shot, but ultimately quit after a few painful excursions because I just couldn’t get into it..
Fast-forward to now. I’m really getting serious about being fit again, and committed myself to a few races so that I stick to the plan. And with this commitment, I know that I needed the right gear to get started. After scouring several articles about what I would need, I went out to CitySports in midtown NYC to talk to a professional about the type of sneakers I should wear. From what I’ve been reading, this is a must. The right sneakers can make or (literally) break you. After walking and jogging in the store a few times, the associate offered me a few recommendations on the best sneaker for my foot. Next, I asked him about all this terminology concerning socks. Things like wicking and dri-fit eluded me, and I found out that I needed to look for non-wool socks that handled moisture well to prevent chafing and blisters. 
On to clothing. Now, you can assume that this associate was trying to up-sell me, but I honestly just wanted to know what I would need if I decided to run outside in the cold. The cold is a huge deterrent in keeping me from accomplishing anything, so I needed an expert. He basically told me that I should layer up with a base layer, a mid layer, and a top layer, all of which should absorb heat and sweat while running. Learning all this, I scoured the web once again. Surely some blogger had put this into a nice, neat diagram that would allow me to do a check-off of the items I needed. God-forbid I have to do research for this running thing. 
Well, I never found that golden diagram, so I made this non-expert beginner runner must-haves list. I’m not saying that you need everything, but there is a nice mix of must-haves and nice-to-haves, must-haves being good sneakers and socks, and nice-to haves being a fancy body monitor. I purchased a few items myself, and will gradually add to my collection, if I do, in fact, become a running addict. 

Nathan Quickshot Water bottle
Brooks Ghost 7 Sneakers

Fiona Sports Bra, $27 Moving Comfort
Bluetooth Ear Warmers, $22 180s

Compression Leggings, $30 Old Navy

Running Jacket, $36 Old Navy

Fast-drying sports top, $25, H&M

Mid-layer top, $30, H&M

Organic Shea Butter, $8, Now

Flip Belt, $29, The Flip Belt

Fitbit Zip, $60, Fitbit

Lavish Body: Venus Williams for ESPN Magazine

Tennis superstar Venus Williams strikes the perfect pose of health and confidence for the latest issue of ESPN magazine. Pin this to your inspiration board.

Lavish Body: The People’s Bootcamp- for FREE!

Lavish Body Inspiration: A tone, fit back, achieved with planks.
First, there was Yoga to the People, a donation-based class on St Marks Place in NYC offering round-the clock-yoga classes for students, hipsters, fashion elites and yoga-junkies alike. Now there’s The People’s Bootcamp, a bare bones, gritty, pay-as-you wish drop in class that aims to get you fit through pure, hard work, without killing your wallet. The classes “sell out” fast so you have to keep checking the website for availability.
I am personally on my own fitness journey back to my hard-body dancer days, and I’ve hired a personal trainer to help see me through. But you’d better believe that I’ve got my eyes on this workout collective, and will join as soon as there is an opening. I mean, pay what you wish? It doesn’t get much better than that!
To sign up, email info@thepeoplesbootcamp.com

Lavish Body: A Good Dose of Inspiration

With spring here, its a great time for cleaning, renewal, and fresh beginnings. I’ve been doing a whole lot of that around my house, especially as I develop my green thumb by planting my own organic fruits and vegetables. Things are going great so far,  and hopefully I’ll have a healthy harvest this summer and fall.

I called up a trainer friend of mine to help whip me into shape. It’s been quite a while since I threw on my white freak-um dress, and I’ve decided that this will be the year that I throw out the “mommy” excuses and just get it together. So I will, with the help of my trainer, be fit and trim for the Hamptons.

I am going to dedicate this space to all things that inspire me to look, feel, and be my healthiest, and what greater way to gain inspiration, than to look at a good selection of beautiful healthy black women. I’ve already made my personal board, and decided to put this one up on Pinterest, and add to it as I get inspired. I hope you make your own, or follow this one as well. Here’s to bikini bodies!

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