2015 saw some major changes for me. Career-wise, I transitioned from working part time in an office, to full-on independent work, on my own schedule, with my own clients. I did this in part because I’m an entrepreneurial-minded person, and also because I have had a deep desire to homeschool my now 5 year old daughter since she started daycare. Looking back at where I was this time last year, I could never go back to my old corporate life.

But as I transitioned into being my own business-woman full time, my sense of style fell by the wayside. Immersing myself in my businesses, developing a love of running,  and devoting my time to my daughter’s education began to take away from my sense of style and how I present myself to the world when I’m not in front of my computer. When I walk in my closet, I see racks of glorious, studded heels and platforms that have given way to Toms, flip flops, and Newtons. A friend who dropped by one day, took a look at my shoe collection and quipped that he had forgotten that that was the real Tatiana.



So for 2016, I’m bringing my old self back. The girl that would wear a white freekum dress with platforms and not blink an eye. The girl who threw on a designer ‘something’ just because. If not everyday, then at least once a week. I’ll just have to schedule my outings now that I’m a grown woman with child.

Resolution #1:
Put my heels back on

Last year I went on a binge and started buying heels again. But with my new lifestyle as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom, my lifestyle didn’t merge well with my fashion obsession. This year, I realize I will have to plan my outings so that I get ample usage out of my glorious heels!


Lace stilettos, Nicholas Kirkwood, $437

Resolution #2:
Walk outside with a beat face

Ok, this isn’t necessary, or realistic, but I vowed late last year to make an effort to slab on some lipstick and eyeliner at the very least. I even purchased an on-the-go kit for my car so that there’s never an excuse not to look a bit more put together: Concealer, Eyeliner, lip gloss, a nude shade of lipstick, brow gel (brow gel just changes things!) Caudalie spritz and a hand moisturizer.


Resolution #3:
Master Contouring

This sorta ties in with a beat face. Because when I want a beat face, I want to look flawless. I want a perfect arch, highlighted cheekbones, and airbrushed pores. Don’t judge me!

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Resolution #4:
Buy one super-flashy designer piece

My days are all about being realistic. So when I shop, I tend to buy high quality basics that will last me several seasons, if not a decade… or a lifetime. Buy that mentality tends to put my closet into a drab hole of blacks, grey and neutrals. Nobody died, and I’m not attending a funeral any day soon.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.07.21 PM

Beads! Haute Hippy Beaded Vest, $347

Resolution #5:
Make a commitment to my hair and nails

I don’t want to wear a weave. And no shade to the women who do. But running races and picking up my physical activity makes wearing any protective style a complete drag. The sweat, the weight of the added hair and the special maintenance just don’t work for me. I’ve started taking these amazing vitamins from The Mane Choice, and I am never looking back. I’ve seen the thickness of my hair explode, and the length amazes my stylist on every visit. Here’s to waist-length hair in 2016!

What are your style resolutions?