As a digital art director, I’ve always had a taste for bold font, vibrant colors, and pronounced statements. So when I came across the graphic work of These Pink Slips creator Iris Barbee Bonner, I became an instant fan.

It’s hard not to take notice of Bonner’s creations. The Philly native, also a digital design like myself, minces no words when it comes to announcing her feminist power, with shirts proudly proclaiming “Pussy Power” with the vigor and sincerity of an Alexyss Tylor lecture. Socialites Blac Chyna and Amber Rose wore her designs with bold proclamations, to the MTV Video Music Awards last year. Unfortunately, they were widely panned, despite making a very valid statement on feminine sexuality, and the determination by society on what (or whom) is considered a slut. But I got it, and so did alot of forward-thinking women. I am totally here for Ms. Bonner’s line.




Black Banana Bag, $150