I’ll get right to it. Since Ledisi is not dead, hospitalized, or otherwise incapacitated, I *still* do not get why Beyoncé got up there to sing the Mahalia Jackson classic, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, that Ledisi portrayed in the movie Selma. If you saw the movie, you remember how heart-wretching and powerful her voice sounded, even as she sang with a cracked voice over a telephone line to Dr. King. So to have Beyoncé swoop in, and do a pop-ified rendition, when she played no part in the movie whatsoever, was truly disheartening. Especially since she instead decided to do a song for the mainstream and highly publicized slop of a movie, 50 Shades of Gray. But this is the music industry, and what is fair is not always what is done. Thankfully, Ledisi offered a graceful response to this BS:
Here is Ledisi’s beautiful rendition:

To steal someone else’s shine for personal aggrandizement is just disgusting and immature. Common and John Legend deserve an equal roasting for kowtowing to this diva when the rightful, more qualified singer should have performed that song. Thankfully, most people with a brain could see through the f*ckery. 

 As for Kanye, that stunt queen did what he does best, but luckily, Beck is a grown man, not a teenaged girl, so Kanye sat his behind back down.

 There were but a few looks that I actually liked from this show.

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