I have been lurking on the Black Girls Run page for quite some time before I decided that I would actually give running a serious try. I’ve never liked running. When I was a member of Equinox gym, some of my classmates tried to convince me to join their running club. I gave it a shot, but ultimately quit after a few painful excursions because I just couldn’t get into it..
Fast-forward to now. I’m really getting serious about being fit again, and committed myself to a few races so that I stick to the plan. And with this commitment, I know that I needed the right gear to get started. After scouring several articles about what I would need, I went out to CitySports in midtown NYC to talk to a professional about the type of sneakers I should wear. From what I’ve been reading, this is a must. The right sneakers can make or (literally) break you. After walking and jogging in the store a few times, the associate offered me a few recommendations on the best sneaker for my foot. Next, I asked him about all this terminology concerning socks. Things like wicking and dri-fit eluded me, and I found out that I needed to look for non-wool socks that handled moisture well to prevent chafing and blisters. 
On to clothing. Now, you can assume that this associate was trying to up-sell me, but I honestly just wanted to know what I would need if I decided to run outside in the cold. The cold is a huge deterrent in keeping me from accomplishing anything, so I needed an expert. He basically told me that I should layer up with a base layer, a mid layer, and a top layer, all of which should absorb heat and sweat while running. Learning all this, I scoured the web once again. Surely some blogger had put this into a nice, neat diagram that would allow me to do a check-off of the items I needed. God-forbid I have to do research for this running thing. 
Well, I never found that golden diagram, so I made this non-expert beginner runner must-haves list. I’m not saying that you need everything, but there is a nice mix of must-haves and nice-to-haves, must-haves being good sneakers and socks, and nice-to haves being a fancy body monitor. I purchased a few items myself, and will gradually add to my collection, if I do, in fact, become a running addict. 

Nathan Quickshot Water bottle
Brooks Ghost 7 Sneakers

Fiona Sports Bra, $27 Moving Comfort
Bluetooth Ear Warmers, $22 180s

Compression Leggings, $30 Old Navy

Running Jacket, $36 Old Navy

Fast-drying sports top, $25, H&M

Mid-layer top, $30, H&M

Organic Shea Butter, $8, Now

Flip Belt, $29, The Flip Belt

Fitbit Zip, $60, Fitbit