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DIY-Bleached Jeans

I’ve been a fan of the latest trend of bleach-dyed jeans like the ones Melody Thornton was wearing a few weeks ago. Problem is, I’m not big on trendy items, especially when I don’t know how long I will wear them. the solution? Make my own pair! Sure, you can probably find a pair for around $50 in your locale mall–but why not try making a unique pair for yourself? Buy a cheap $5 pair at the thrift store, get a cup of bleach and get creative!

Bleach Your own Jeans
1. Take a pair of jeans and stuff them with newspapers.

2. Take it outside and lay your stuffed jeans on the grass or on a clothing line. Note: Don’t do this inside-the fumes will kill you. Literally.

3. Get a spray bottle, old toothbrush, a sponge, a spray bottle, or use all of them for a unique effect. Work fast.

4. This is important. Rinse the jeans in plain water after 5 minutes of bleaching.

5. Machine wash the jeans separately.

6. Machine Dry the jeans.

7. Look hot!

Shredded Scarf DIY

I’m a pretty craft girl, and love making a trendy item my own by just doing it myself. On the DIY website Instructables, I happened upon this incredibly fun and easy to make scarf made out of old tshirts. I think I’m gonna make this!

Prep Stuff:
A soft, clean cotton t-shirt with no seams on the sides
– the width of the shirt will become the length of the necklace, so if you want a short necklace, use a small shirt. If you want the necklace to be long, or loop twice around your neck, buy a large or extra-large shirt. Obviously you can use one of your own shirts, or buy one from a thrift store for a dollar or two.

A ruler

Rotary Cutter
/ Any cutting tool

Watch the step by step instructions here:

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