They are making him out to be such a bad guy, a monster…
–  Camille Cosby, allegedly, according to a source.

Well that is because he is, Mrs. Cosby.

FILE - In this Nov. 6, 2014 file photo, entertainer Bill Cosby and his wife Camille laugh as they tell a story about collecting one of the pieces in the upcoming exhibit, "Conversations: African and African-American Artworks in Dialogue," at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art in Washington. Camille Cosby released a statement on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 in support of her husband. The statement is the first public comment from Cosby's long-time wife since a wave of sexual assault allegations began swirling several weeks ago. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Image: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

I don’t know whether to be angry or just feel pity for this woman, who will defend her husband till the bitter end. It seems that even her husband’s sworn confession of drugging women for sex leaves Camille undeterred in her belief that her husband could not possibly be as bad as everyone is making him out to be. In a last ditch effort, she lays the blame on the victims, claiming that they willingly consented to being drugged. It doesn’t get any lower than this for a woman in complete denial.

Look. I understand that Camille may know Bill in ways that we, the public, will never know him. She has probably seen him at his most private, vulnerable, humble, and loving self. But Bill Cosby is a predator, who, regardless of consent, preyed on young women who admired him, simply because he could. And that is what rapists do. They crave the power they have in controlling a woman, and often, sex has little to do with it. It’s all about power. And it seems that Bill Cosby maintains an undeniable power over Camille.